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IKTV 401 - Let's Get On TV 2012: Illegal Knowledge's Arizona Presidential Preference Election Debate Special

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In the first of four Arizona PPE debates, IKTV features nine dark horse candidates in a debate hosted by Dave Maass of San Diego CityBeat.  Hillarity ensues.  Aside from that, quite a few very good points were made, so you should watch this.  I mentioned, aside from what Newt Gingrich was proposing, that we already have a black ops space program and we could travel anywhere, in our antigravitic craft (the "Auroras" or black triangles), and get there faster than light.  It is really just up to the Kepler Space Telescope to find the earth-like planet(s) for us to visit.  Oh, yeah, I was running for US President again, and I placed first amongst the Project White House Green Party candidates.  I even won the vote in Apache County, Arizona outright!  Now, where are my delegates?  Seriously, does Apache County have Green Party delegates?
In later breaking news, the Arizona Legislature has begun to adopt legislation to prevent so called "dark horse" candidates from running for president, and most probably because of Sarah Gonzales' (beating Buddy Roemer) and my own (winning Apache County) placements with voters in this Presidential Preference Election.  There are far, far, far too many of us!
Guest Host: Dave Maass
Candidates (left to right): Michael Oatman (Green), Donald Benjamin (R), Simon Bollander (R), Cesar Cisneros (R), Kip Dean (R), Sarah Gonzales (R), Al "Dick" Perry (R), Charles Skelley (R) and Jim Terr (R)
Running Time: 0:58:45
Air Date: 18 February 2012
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Alternate feed (ripped by Dave Maass)
Watch the promo for candidates (IKTV 401p | 0:01:13)

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“For I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. But this is all they have to fear from me”
  -- Thomas Jefferson


“"And what does it amount to?" said Satan, with his evil chuckle.  "Nothing at all.  You gain nothing; you always come out where you went in.  For a million years the race has gone on monotonously propagating itself and monotonously reperforming this dull nonsense--to what end?  No wisdom can guess!  Who gets a profit out of it?
"Nobody but a parcel of usurping little monarchs and nobilities who despise you; would feel defiled if you touched them; would shut the door in your face if you proposed to call; whom you slave for, fight for, die for, and are not ashamed of it, but proud; whose existence is a perpetual insult to you and you are afraid to resent it; who are mendicants supported by your alms, yet assume toward you the airs of benefactor toward beggar; who address you in the language of master to slave, and are answered in in the language of slave to master; who are worshiped by you with your mouth, while in your heart -- if you have one -- you despise yourselves for it.
"The first man was hypocrite and a coward, qualities which have not yet failed in his line; it is the foundation upon which all civilizations have been built.  Drink to their perpetuation!  Drink to their augmentation!  Drink to--" Then he saw by our faces how much we were hurt, and he cut his sentence short and stopped chuckling.”

  -- Samuel Langhorne Clemens, from "The Mysterious Stranger"


“I have lived perfectly well within this society; why cannot these oliogarchs and same misanthropes do as such then?  It is not because of any particular behavior for one sociological manner; rather it is solely caused by the lack of means and those resources to the great many which are foisted particularly by those which do not lack the same.  We have all faced the serpect sick and we know what it is, who it is and where it is, moreover, we all know what is better.  The question we need to ask these days is whether we are able to appreciate this and contribute.  Perhaps more pressing is that we must now, please keep track of each others' whereabouts: regardless of the presence of GITMO DELTA-4, we must assume that we all oblige to perform in our best.  While the shame of our collective nod to the perpetuation of subjugation and torture still happens, it needs to stop immediately, so this next becomes the most important.  The place in this world bears no more space for those ideologues of bigotry nor hatred.  The ancient thought that a betterment of one family or race or strain is somehow purity, that is now obviously not only quaint, but incorrect and patently obtuse and averse from reality.  The old lines are no longer to be sanely held.  We shall not now and ought not to ever more be alone.  I do not want to be this, only in, that only I am this; it is necessary this entire world needs to share that this immutable truth must be known, because, we all of everyone, we do collectively hold the highest and so care about our future, even when it is not our own.  If you will pick any one of the 3600 to stop, please pick ALL OF THEM and make EVERYONE THE CAUSE.”
  -- Michael Oatman  --  19 December 2019