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Illegal Knowledge Program Guide To Season One

Episodes from season one are listed here, with links to videos which are currently available.  Unfortunately, not all of the information from seasons one and two have been preserved, some recordings have been lost or damaged, and a few shows were never recorded in the first place.
Click on the links below for the program listings for each season.  If a video for a particular episode is available, there will be a link to the IKTV YouTube channel where you can watch it.  If the video is in post-production, it will be available shortly.  If no link is present, the video is not available.  If you have made a recording of any episode which does not have a video link, I would be very interested in obtaining your video so it can be digitized and your copy can be returned to you.  Please send email to if that is the case, and thank you incredibly muchly!

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Season Seven

Currently in production from July 2014 through the end of Access Tucson, which looks like the end of June 2015.  Eleven episodes total.

Season Six

On air from mid 2013 through mid 2014.  Twelve episodes total.

Season Five

On air from 2012 through mid 2013.  Ten episodes total.

Season Four

On air in early 2012.  Five episodes total.

Season Three

On air in 2008.  Three episodes total.

Season Two

On air from 2007-2008.  Fifteen episodes total.

Season One

On air in 2002.  Ten episodes total.  No videos are available (yet?) for this season.

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Season One, 2002  ||  (back to top)

No video is available (yet?) for Season One.

IKTV 101 - The Uniform Commercial Code

Michael interviews local Tucsonan and UCC-1 Sovereign Ron Bracy about what the Uniform Commercial Code really is and how we got into this mess.  We also detail the steps which one must take to place a lien against their own legal fiction, thereby exercising the rule enshrined in the first clause of the UCC, to opt out, and becoming your own sovereign, taking "Secured Party" status under UCC-1, and operating under Common Law rather than Admiralty Law.
Guest: Ron L. Bracy
Running Time: 0:50:00
Air Date: 24 March 2002

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IKTV 102 - The Hegelian Dialectic

Michael examines the strategy espoused by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (from 1820s Germany) of "Thesis, Antithesis and Supersynthesis", and how it is being put into practice today and throughout the eons.  Covered are world incidents from Nero burning Rome to 9/11 and the US wars from the Spanish-American War (remember the Maine) through to the War on Drugs, including the Oklahoma City and WTC 1993 bombings, the Waco Branch Davidian Ranch firebombing and Ruby Ridge, the Gulf of Tonkin non-incident (cause of the Vietnam War), Hitler's burning of the Reichtag and more.  It is rather disturbing that nearly everything follows this same exact pattern.
Running Time: 0:50:00
Air Date: 28 April 2002

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IKTV 103 - The Report From Iron Mountain

Michael summarizes and analyzes the report about what would happen if world peace were ever to break out, which was directed to be made during the Kennedy administration and delivered to Lyndon Johnson, who "hit the roof" when he heard it was released.  Some people believe it to be genuine and that Johnson had ordered it suppressed, while some other people state that was not the case.  Regardless of whether the report is only a work of satire produced by the "editor", the illuminati nonetheless use the determinations contained in this malthusian report to this day, which calls for preferably, a state of permanent war for its benefits in political, economic and social organization, and barring that, the elimination of national sovereignty; maintaining a suitable level of poverty as an incetivizing factor under the guise of abolition of poverty; implementation of eugenics and population control; the establishment of a "blood sports" like a ritualized manhunt, creation of a real or manufactured external menace capable of affecting all of society, endless space research, socialized health care, free housing and college educations, deliberate environmental poisoning to create environmental protections, the Peace Corps, Job Corps and Americorps, some new euphemized form of slavery, new religious or other mythologies, and international police and world courts, and these controlling world powers use these same machinations to plan society for the coming one world government.
Running Time: 0:50:00
Air Date: 26 May 2002

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IKTV 104 - The Real X-Files

Michael discusses some real, known, past black operations and black projects of the United States government, the CIA and the NSA, the functional use of black operations in general and the problems involved in having too much government secrecy.  A few of those projects cited are the various stealth programs, DARPA mind control and remote viewing, and the CIA running crack cocaine into Los Angeles to secretly fund the Sandinistas in Nicaragua against our publicly supported Contras, to keep the war going.
Running Time: 0:50:00
Air Date: 23 June 2002

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IKTV 105 - The Military Industrial Complex

Having obtained a few years of calendars of future joint operations overseas produced and unclassified by the US Defense Department, Michael explores what it means and where to watch for future wars and false flag operations.  Notable items on the calendars are operations in the Middle East and with Israel in the first three months of 2003 and other joint operations with South Korea in late 2004.
Running Time: 0:50:00
Air Date: 28 July 2002

If you have made a recording of any episode which does not have a video link, I would be very interested in obtaining your video so it can be digitized and your copy can be returned to you.  Please send email to if that is the case, and thank you incredibly muchly!

IKTV 106 - The Prison Industrial Complex

Michael explains the drug war in Hegelian terms and in detail, particularly discussing who benefits, by following the money, all the way to various government agencies and NGOs like D.A.R.E. and to the largest single beneficiary, the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).
Running Time: 0:50:00
Air Date: 25 August 2002

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IKTV 107 - No War In Iraq!

Michael explores the myriad of reasons for not going to war in Iraq, from the fact that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the September 11th attacks, even by the government's own accounts, and that Bush and Cheney, two Texas Oilmen, are obviously after resource aquisition (oil and political power) and price unstability in the Middle East.  It is mentioned that there was doubt as to the veracity of the government's story about what happened on 9/11 and that the government may have staged a false flag operation against itself so as to serve as the justification to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.
Running Time: 0:50:00
Air Date: 22 September 2002

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IKTV 108 - The Election Special

Michael reviews the general November 2002 ballot choices and initiatives, and picks some winners.
Running Time: 0:50:00
Air Date: 27 October 2002

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IKTV 109 - EJ Trance - Contemplating This Dream

IKTV premieres a fifty minute long music video entitled "Contemplating This Dream" created and performed by local Tucson musician Courtney Richardson, a.k.a. EJ Trance.
Running Time: 0:50:00
Air Date: 24 November 2002

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IKTV 110 - The Duckbilled Platitudes

Some friends of IKTV and Michael discuss current events.
Guests: Michael Lane and D-Rock
Running Time: 0:50:00
Air Date: 22 December 2002

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If you have made a recording of any episode which does not have a video link, I would be very interested in obtaining your video so it can be digitized and your copy can be returned to you.  Please send email to if that is the case, and thank you incredibly muchly!

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“For I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. But this is all they have to fear from me”
  -- Thomas Jefferson


“"And what does it amount to?" said Satan, with his evil chuckle.  "Nothing at all.  You gain nothing; you always come out where you went in.  For a million years the race has gone on monotonously propagating itself and monotonously reperforming this dull nonsense--to what end?  No wisdom can guess!  Who gets a profit out of it?
"Nobody but a parcel of usurping little monarchs and nobilities who despise you; would feel defiled if you touched them; would shut the door in your face if you proposed to call; whom you slave for, fight for, die for, and are not ashamed of it, but proud; whose existence is a perpetual insult to you and you are afraid to resent it; who are mendicants supported by your alms, yet assume toward you the airs of benefactor toward beggar; who address you in the language of master to slave, and are answered in in the language of slave to master; who are worshiped by you with your mouth, while in your heart -- if you have one -- you despise yourselves for it.
"The first man was hypocrite and a coward, qualities which have not yet failed in his line; it is the foundation upon which all civilizations have been built.  Drink to their perpetuation!  Drink to their augmentation!  Drink to--" Then he saw by our faces how much we were hurt, and he cut his sentence short and stopped chuckling.”

  -- Samuel Langhorne Clemens, from "The Mysterious Stranger"


“I have lived perfectly well within this society; why cannot these oliogarchs and same misanthropes do as such then?  It is not because of any particular behavior for one sociological manner; rather it is solely caused by the lack of means and those resources to the great many which are foisted particularly by those which do not lack the same.  We have all faced the serpect sick and we know what it is, who it is and where it is, moreover, we all know what is better.  The question we need to ask these days is whether we are able to appreciate this and contribute.  Perhaps more pressing is that we must now, please keep track of each others' whereabouts: regardless of the presence of GITMO DELTA-4, we must assume that we all oblige to perform in our best.  While the shame of our collective nod to the perpetuation of subjugation and torture still happens, it needs to stop immediately, so this next becomes the most important.  The place in this world bears no more space for those ideologues of bigotry nor hatred.  The ancient thought that a betterment of one family or race or strain is somehow purity, that is now obviously not only quaint, but incorrect and patently obtuse and averse from reality.  The old lines are no longer to be sanely held.  We shall not now and ought not to ever more be alone.  I do not want to be this, only in, that only I am this; it is necessary this entire world needs to share that this immutable truth must be known, because, we all of everyone, we do collectively hold the highest and so care about our future, even when it is not our own.  If you will pick any one of the 3600 to stop, please pick ALL OF THEM and make EVERYONE THE CAUSE.”
  -- Michael Oatman  --  19 December 2019